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G2 Precision .338 Caliber Bolt-Action Rifle: Unparalleled Long-Range Performance

When it comes to long-range precision, the G2 Precision .338 Caliber Bolt-Action Rifle stands in a league of its own. Crafted with a keen understanding of the demands of snipers, hunters, and competition shooters, this rifle is a testament to G2 Precision’s tenured and accomplished gun designer, gunsmith and instructor Charlie Melton’s (retired NSWC operator, former SEAL Sniper school and BUDs instructor) dedication and expertise. This carefully engineered .338 undoubtedly ranks among the elite in its class.

State-of-the-Art Features of the G2 .338 

One of the key features of the G2 Precision .338 is its ability to minimize recoil. Charlie envisioned a rifle that would allow shooters to stay on target for a crucial second shot, and this masterpiece delivers exactly that. With reduced recoil, marksmen can maintain their focus and accuracy, making follow-up shots smoother and more precise.

Durability and lightweight design were paramount considerations during the development of the G2 Precision .338. Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, this rifle offers unparalleled strength and resilience without compromising on weight. At approximately 20 lbs when loaded with the magazine, suppressor, optic, and bipod, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability.

Designed to accommodate optic mounts and night vision systems, the G2 Precision .338 ensures seamless integration with cutting-edge technology. Its versatility allows shooters to adapt to varying lighting conditions and maximize their situational awareness, making it a reliable companion in both day and night operations.

G2 Precision 336 Black Storms
G2 Precision 336 Black Storms - Desert

A Capable Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle With Multiple Applications

With a staggering range of over two miles, the G2 Precision .338 is built for those seeking to push the boundaries of long-distance shooting. Whether you’re engaging targets at extreme distances, embarking on a challenging hunting expedition for deer or elk, or taking part in long-range sniper over watches, this rifle is the pinnacle of precision and reliability. It embodies Charlie’s expertise, ensuring that every shot is delivered with precision, power, and confidence. Elevate your shooting experience and seize the advantage with the G2 Precision .338.

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G2 338 Bolt Action Rifle