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Shipping & Handling

G2 Precision, LLC shipments are limited to the fifty (50) United States. G2 Precision, LLC will not ship to APO’S, FPO’S or territories. G2 Precision reserves the right to cancel any order that is suspected of being shipped to a freight forwarding service as a means of exporting otherwise controlled articles covered by ITAR.

G2 Precision advises all customers to insure their orders and as such, shipping insurance is selected by default. Customers may opt out of recommended insurance by de-selecting the option, however by doing so; the customer accepts that if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit, G2 Precision is not liable for replacing the order.

Firearms and Upper Receivers require an adult signature.

Incomplete shipments must be reported to G2 Precision within seven (7) calendar days of the order being received as reported by the delivery service.

Interstate trade or commerce of firearms or ammunition was all but prohibited after the Gun Control Act of 1968. Only individuals or companies with a Federal Firearms License can engage in manufacturing or selling firearms across state borders. This requirement becomes complicated when dealing with online sales of guns and ammo. If you purchase a gun online, it is required by law that the purchaser have that firearm transferred to a dealer with a Federal Firearms License. The dealer will then run a background check to ensure that the person purchasing the firearm is able to legally own a gun.