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2500 Yard Shot - G2 Precision Recce Rifle

The Team Never Quit Mk12CF Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) was designed by Marcus Luttrell and his former SDVT-1 teammate and G2 Precision Co-Founder, Garrett Golden.

A successfully executed a 1.42-mile record shot using a gas-powered AR-15 in 223 caliber. This seemingly impossible task became as effortless as any routine day at the office with the expertise and precision of Charlie Melton and Chase Stroud from G2 Precision.

Team of Professional Combat Veterans

All our trainers are with a massive military, security service, and law enforcement background.

Contact us and meet them in person at the initial group meeting before the courses begin. You can sign up for private lessons too in case you are in a hurry to level up your shooting skills and practice.

Train with our experts

The tactical skills to respond with confidence

Upgrade your skills or learn with the help of our shooting course program developed by former military experts.
Classes Coming Soon!

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Meet the people on our team!

Chris Gridley

Managing Member - Co-Founder

Manages the day to day operations of G2 Precision LLC

Garrett Golden

Product Development - Co-Founder

Former NSWC Tier 1 Operator

Charlie Melton

Head of Training - Product Development - Partner

Retired NSWC Operator, SEAL Sniper School Instructor, BUD/s Instructor, and SDV Instructor.

Logan Gridley

Inside Sales - Logistics - Compliance

Tracy Lee

Social Media/Marketing