The G2 Recce Rifle: The Ultimate Long-Range AR15

One of the new and exciting products being released by G2 Precision in 2023 is the new G2 Precision Recce Rifle. This exceptional AR15 rifle combines the functionality of a combat carbine with the accuracy and range of a sniper rifle. Based on the Mark 12 rifle originally designed for elite special forces units like SEAL teams and Army Rangers, the G2 Recce Rifle has already gained a reputation for its outstanding performance in the field.

The name “Recce” is derived from reconnaissance, by the original snipers who operated them, which perfectly represents the purpose and capabilities of this platform. In the military, the Recce Rifle served/serves as a versatile tool that allows snipers to gather intelligence while maintaining the ability to engage targets accurately at extended ranges. Unlike traditional combat carbine rifles, which excel in close-quarters combat, the Recce Rifle offers enhanced accuracy and effective engagement at longer distances.

Military Grade Specifications

Designed By Top-Tier Operators

G2 Precision takes great pride in producing rifles of the highest quality controlled standards. Manufactured to MIL-SPEC standards, this rifle meets the stringent requirements of military and law enforcement grade firearms.

Designed by a former Navy SEAL with over two decades of field experience, the Recce Rifle incorporates valuable insights gained from real-world operations. This expertise ensures that the rifle performs flawlessly in the hands of professional operators and civilian shooters.

One of the defining features of the Recce Rifle is its 18″ barrel that significantly contributes to its outstanding performance. This carefully engineered barrel ensures optimal bullet velocity and superior accuracy, delivering consistent results at longer distances. Whether engaging targets or gathering intelligence, the G2 Recce Rifle proves its worth as a reliable and precise medium-to-long range tool.

Tested and Proven Results of The G2 Precision Recce Rifle

When it comes to long-range engagements, the Recce Rifle truly shines. Capable of reaching distances of up to 2500 yards, this platform has been rigorously tested and proven accurate by G2 Precision.

To showcase the unparalleled precision and accuracy of the Recce Rifle, G2 Precision proudly presents videos of trained operators and our civilian staff shooters achieving some solid and consistent accuracy at long distances. At 2500 yards, our shooters consistently group their shots within a ¼ inch, a testament to the G2 Recce Rifle’s unwavering performance.

Whether you’re a professional operator or a civilian shooter seeking the ultimate long-range “do-it-all” rifle, the Recce Rifle delivers unparalleled flexibility, reliability and accuracy in a single AR15 rifle platform.

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