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Red Dot Sights for AR 15

AR-15 Red Dot Sights From G2 Precision

Red dot sights are firearm optics designed to be used at close to medium ranges that displays a simple red dot reticle shining onto s slanted lens or piece of glass. This style of gun sight makes for a simple and accurate optic. Shooters use red dot sights on various types of firearms but red dots have become increasingly popular for being used on AR-15 rifles. The close quarters use of an AR-15 for competition and home/personal defense is optimized with a red dot. G2 Precision deploys industry red dot sights on AR-15 rifle builds to give our customers the latest technology and we offer individual red dot sights in our online store for use on your AR-15 or other firearms.

Advantages and Benefit of Red Dot Sights on AR-15 Rifles

Red dot sights have been an attractive optic choice for tactical carbines like AR-15 rifles because they’re fast for sight acquisition, mount easily and take up little space on top rails. Weight and size are a clear advantage over a heavier and bulkier traditional scope. This increases speed and accuracy especially in competition, target and close-medium quarters personal defense shooting.

Visibility of an illuminated red dot reticle on top of a target is often much higher than a traditional black crosshair of a scope. G2 Precision also offers red dot style sights with green dots, red and green crosshairs and other styles and colors of reticles. We call them “red dot” sights for short, but there are a variety of styles of sights using red dot technology that can optimize visibility in a variety of shooting situations.

Most Popular Red Dot Sight Brands 2023

Red Dot Sights vs. Other Optics for Rifles

Most shooters mount optics to AR-15 and when considering a red dot sight for an AR15, shooters of all styles and needs want to compare other optics such as magnified crosshair scopes and holographic sights.

Some advantages red dot sights have over other scopes and sights include being able to shoot with both eyes open, the ability to compatible with night vision, being lighter with a smaller footprint on an AR-25 and generally allowing for faster target acquisition from 5 to 50 yards.

Some shortcomings of red dot sights as a whole to capabilities of magnified scopes include magnification and drawbacks for shooters with astigmatism. Magnified red dot sights are available, but traditional rifle scopes offer more magnification which allows for longer range shooting and hunting. For the estimated 1 in 3 people whose vision is affected by a degree of astigmatism red dot sights can appear misshapen and blurred. Holographic or scope sights would be better for a person with that impairment.

Featured Red Dot Sights

  • Holosun HS510C Red Dot & HM3X Magnifier Combo

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  • Holosun HS515CM 2 MOA Micro Solar Red Dot Sight – 65 MOA Circle

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  • Holosun HS507K-X2 Compact Pistol Red Dot Sight – 2 MOA

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  • Holosun HE515CM-GR 2 MOA Micro Solar Green Dot Sight – 65 MOA Circle

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High Quality Red Dot Scopes for AR-15 Rifles at G2Precision.com

The “precision” in the name of our company G2 Precision is about equipping and training shooters to be precise and optics are a part of that. As red dot sights as a category of optics of a few different colors and styles continue to evolve in the industry we will continue to curate and offer the top manufactures and brands of red dots.

Shop our optics page in our online store for red dot sights for AR-15 rifles. We also offer red dot sights for pistols, green dot sights, varied reticle sights and various traditional rifle scopes.

Looking to build a custom AR-15 with your choice of red-dot scope? Build your rifle with one of our AR-15 rifles and a red dot sight today!