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Muzzle Devices from G2 Precision Firearms

Muzzle Devices by G2 Precision Firearms

Muzzle devices are attachments for the end of a gun’s barrel meant to alter and/or improve the performance of a firearm. G2 Precision curates and offers a variety of high tier muzzle devices meant to help you get the most out of your rifle.

Compatible with all of our rifle platforms and AR15 of various types, our selection of muzzle devices are available in our online shop —- complete with quick and secure shipping.

What is a flash hider? Technical definition and function:

  • Also known as: flash hider, flash suppressor, flash eliminator
  • Different from a muzzle break but mounted in the same position.
  • With barrels getting shorter over the evolution of firearms, excess powder is burned out of the front of the barrel creating a flash of light.
  • Light flashes create vision/aiming problems, showing shooters position – especially at low light/night times.

What is a muzzle break?

A muzzle brake is a device that is attached to the end of a firearm’s barrel, typically a rifle or a shotgun. Its primary function is to reduce the amount of recoil and muzzle rise experienced by the shooter when firing the weapon.

When a firearm is fired, the rapidly expanding gasses produced by the burning gunpowder propel the bullet down the barrel and out of the muzzle. These gasses also create a strong backward force, which is felt as recoil by the shooter. Additionally, the force can cause the muzzle of the firearm to rise or move off-target, which can make it difficult for the shooter to reacquire the target for follow-up shots.

A muzzle brake works by redirecting some of these gasses to the sides and/or rear of the firearm, which helps to counteract the backward force and reduce recoil. By reducing the amount of recoil and muzzle rise, a muzzle brake can improve accuracy and make it easier for the shooter to fire multiple shots quickly and accurately.

Muzzle brakes are commonly used in competitive shooting and hunting, where quick follow-up shots are often necessary. They are also used by military and law enforcement snipers, who require maximum accuracy and precision in their shots.

Advantages of using muzzle breaks and flash hiders.

Flash hiders hide muzzle flash, but do not reduce recoil. Muzzle brakes do not hide muzzle flash, but are helpful in reducing the recoil or larger caliber rifles and firearms.

This means common uses for each include:

Flash hiders for:

  • Tactical situations: Flash hiders can help reduce the visible flash that is produced when a firearm is discharged, which can be beneficial in tactical situations where a shooter wants to remain concealed or avoid giving away their position.
  • Hunting: Flash hiders can make it easier for hunters to stay on target and make follow-up shots, especially in low light conditions where the visible flash could temporarily blind the shooter.
  • Range shooting: Flash hiders can make range shooting more comfortable by reducing the visible flash that is produced when a firearm is discharged, which can be especially helpful for shooting indoors or in low light conditions.
    Compliance with regulations: Some jurisdictions have restrictions on visible flash, and flash hiders can help firearm owners comply with these regulations.

Muzzle brakes for:

  • Competitive shooting: Muzzle brakes can be used to reduce recoil and improve accuracy in competitive shooting, such as in long-range rifle competitions.
  • Hunting: Muzzle brakes can make it easier for hunters to stay on target and make quick follow-up shots, especially when hunting with larger calibers.
  • Tactical situations: Muzzle brakes can help reduce recoil and improve accuracy in tactical situations, such as law enforcement or military operations.
  • Recoil-sensitive shooters: Muzzle brakes can be helpful for people who are sensitive to recoil, such as those with physical disabilities or who are new to shooting.
  • Range shooting: Muzzle brakes can make range shooting more comfortable and enjoyable by reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise. The G2 Alpha Muzzle Brake – A unique, high end muzzle device.

Featured g2 precision muzzle brakes and flash hiders

  • G2 Muzzle Brake .223 1/2″-28

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  • CRUX FLASH HIDER MOUNT 223 1/2″-28

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  • CRUX FLASH HIDER MOUNT 300 5/8″-24

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  • update CRUX FLASH HIDER MOUNT 223 1/2″-28

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High Quality Muzzle devices for AR-15 Rifles from G2Precision.com

The G2 Alpha Muzzle Brake sports a lightweight but durable Raw Titanium build. Designed with holes aligned at the top venting air creating a force mitigating the recoil. Recommend for use on a 16″+ barrel. Shop G2 Precision muzzle brakes now!