update CRUX FLASH HIDER MOUNT 223 1/2″-28


Crux Flash Hider Mount 223 is available to buy in increments of 1

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Best in Class Brake Performance with Best in Class Suppressor Mounting Accuracy. You’re going to love this system. Flash Hider Suppressor Mount. No “Quick Disconnect” suppressor mount on the market can align the bore of a suppressor perfectly every time to yield the kind of consistency and accuracy that we demand.

We designed many new and innovative suppressor mounts and at the end of the day, none could pass our grueling expectations. Getting back to the essence of what the customer really wants and being able to deliver the highest performing suppressors on the market we developed what we feel to be the best suppressor mount technology on the market. Four flash hider prongs do more work than traditional three-prong designs. Longitudinal taper dimples lighten weight and also prevent the flash hider from developing harmonics. The mounting action of the Flash Hider is truly innovative. The special design threads are mechanically engineered self-locking threads. Meaning, they in themselves provide enough holding force to hold the suppressor in place. This prevents the can from unintentional loosening.

Behind these specially designed threads is a metal to metal face conical sealing surface that does a number of things. Borrowing the metal to metal face seal designs from the Aerospace industry we are able to prevent any gas leakage at this point. In addition, the added conical surface area works with the self-lock thread design to significantly increase friction to aide in preventing premature loosening of the suppressor. This conical mounting system also directs force vectors away from the mainline of action reducing the forces that work to cause suppressors to loosen in other designs.

While the TTF precision-machined tolerances between these two parts are very precise and by themselves make for the most accurate suppressors on the market; the conical surface also works to consume any tolerances inside the threading to perfectly align the bore of the suppressor to the bore of the firearm.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 2 in