Social Media/Marketing

Brief info

Tracy Lee grew up in Houston, Texas before moving to Sacramento, CA where she finished all her schooling through college by the age of 15.

She is an autodidact and taught herself photography, becoming an action sports photographer in the local Skateboard and Snowboard communities as a teen. After moving to Vegas to shoot photos of Nightlife, she became a freelance MMA Photographer. She traveled around the world for almost a decade with most of the major MMA organizations including UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator, ProElite & Dream. She has worked for many media outlets that include Yahoo Sports and

Her strong suit has been always been in social media and networking. She worked with many well-known UFC fighters on their websites and social media accounts. This expanded into working full-time for clients including DJs, clothing lines, restaurants, firearms companies, and more. She has done everything from coaching to seminars, to running full social media campaigns for clients.

She is highly involved as a creator in the firearms industry and has taken a large number of tactical training courses, competes in local matches, and builds firearms at her leisure. She is a big advocate of both self-protection, as well as the need to take classes to safely learn to use your firearms to protect yourselves.

Her goals are to continue to take courses to become tactically proficient in firearms and self protection for herself, her family and her friends.