CMP 50 BMG .50 Caliber Rifle

CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer”: A High-Quality .50 Caliber Rifle by G2 Precision

When it comes to rifles that were originally designed as heavy-duty anti-armor and vehicle firearms, the .50 caliber rifle platform stands in a league of its own. Known for its incredible power and precision, the .50 caliber rifles have long been favored by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. G2 Precision, a renowned firearms manufacturer, has now pushed the boundaries of this formidable platform with their latest creation—the CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer.” This rifle not only maintains the power and accuracy of its predecessors but also revolutionizes the market by significantly reducing its weight.

It’s Big, it Powerful, it’s Precise – Some of the Specs

Chambered in the powerful .50 BMG caliber, this rifle boasts a custom 50 caliber action that ensures flawless operation and reliability. The Triggertech Diamond Adjustable trigger provides a crisp and clean break, enhancing the shooter’s control and accuracy. The G2 Precision custom 50 BMG barrel, with a 1-15 twist and a length of 29 inches, offers exceptional precision and consistency, while the Navy Contour with Custom Brake further aids in recoil management.

One of the notable features of the CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer” is its impressive weight reduction compared to other .50 caliber rifles. G2 Precision has meticulously engineered this rifle to shed unnecessary pounds without compromising its functionality or performance. The result is a firearm that feels surprisingly lighter in the hands, making it more maneuverable and comfortable during extended use.

The secret behind the weight reduction lies in G2 Precision’s specially manufactured aluminum chassis. This innovative design not only contributes to the rifle’s overall lightness but also plays a crucial role in recoil management. By effectively managing the recoil, the CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer” allows the shooter to obtain and maintain a fast second shot sight picture, ensuring rapid follow-up shots without compromising accuracy.

Looks aren’t everything, but the clean lines of the design of this rifle look great no matter how its customized. The CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer” comes in a standard black color. However, G2 Precision also offers custom CMP or G2 Precision colors and patterns upon request, allowing shooters to personalize their rifles to their preferences.

Durability and lightweight design were paramount considerations during the development of the G2 Precision .338. Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, this rifle offers unparalleled strength and resilience without compromising on weight. At approximately 20 lbs when loaded with the magazine, suppressor, optic, and bipod, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability.

Designed to accommodate optic mounts and night vision systems, the G2 Precision .338 ensures seamless integration with cutting-edge technology. Its versatility allows shooters to adapt to varying lighting conditions and maximize their situational awareness, making it a reliable companion in both day and night operations.

Why Would Anyone Need a .50 Caliber? Because it’s Big & Fun!

Apart from its tactical applications, the CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer” has also captured the attention of firearm enthusiasts who seek a thrilling shooting experience. Owning a .50 caliber rifle is undoubtedly a statement of power and authority, and many individuals enjoy the awe-inspiring feeling of handling such a formidable firearm. Whether at the gun range or during shooting competitions, the CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer” never fails to attract attention and admiration.
While it’s true that the rifle’s reputation as an anti-armor and vehicle firearm precedes it, the CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer” is equally impressive for long-range precision shooting. Its exceptional accuracy and power make it a favorite among those seeking the thrill of hitting targets at extraordinary distances. The rifle’s remarkable capabilities have also made it a popular choice for long-range shooting competitions, where skilled marksmen put their abilities to the test.

The CMP 50 BMG “The Hammer” by G2 Precision is a high-quality .50 caliber rifle that brings a new level of innovation and performance to the market. Our sales staff is always available to answer questions about any of our guns and we love to show folks out .50 caliber models. Give us a call or an email with any questions or ideas you have for your next .50 caliber purchase. Also check out website for instructional classes and demonstrations when you can come to demo/test and feel the power and precision of our .50 caliber models for yourself.

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